A Different Definition of Love

by bvdub | Brock Van Wey

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mitzipj Each track is a work of art. Sublime, heartfelt, perfect. Favorite track: 01 flightless [F]lowers.
DJ Soma
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DJ Soma This is the favourite album at the moment to play at my son's (9yrs) bedtime. Or anywhere where calm and safe environment is wished to be created. Been loving bvdub's ambient albums in and out for almost 10 years and again his latest is his best work yet. Favorite track: 01 flightless [F]lowers.
Ews Nsj
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Ews Nsj scenes in sound from someone's fond memory, longings, triumphs over misery and each piece flows with subtle mounting intensities in the form of blissful composition; waves upon waves. bvw is a master of layers,...and a true engineer of dreams. thanks for this one bud.


My 30th studio album as bvdub.
Decipher and decode.

Black sky hides your stars,
Fall from the heavens with might,
Silent you arrive.
Giants in your path,
Perish those who stand opposed,
Felled by love they know.
Empty spaces yearn,
To know once again,
A lost yesterday.
Through sun and sands dry,
Oceans drown hearts of steel stars,
This place remembers.
We, unstoppable,
For now we know our two hearts,
No you, me, only us.
We fall together,
Pillars raise towers through sky,
We rise beyond all.

Haiku by Brock Van Wey.
This version is the same as the Dronarivm official release.


released March 30, 2018

written [+] produced by bvdub | Brock Van Wey
for those who know what lies beyond 2 [+] 9
cover photo by Brock Van Wey


all rights reserved


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