Shipping and return policies for bvdub

Shipping Info
all CDs sent in a high-quality bubble mailer *with* a CD-size cardboard pad insert to prevent bending, all while doing everything i can to keep the package as light as possible, to minimize shipping costs. i only charge the postal service fee + shipping supplies + barely anything for the cost to get it all to the post office. i don't "make" any money off shipping, and i keep it absolutely as low as humanly possible.

different parts of the world take different periods of time to arrive. if you have ordered CDs or other items from people before, you should have some idea how long it should take, and whether your country is one of the slow ones (there are several). all CDs are sent US Postal First-Class, and will be shipped within 2-5 days of order receipt. thanks!

* Bandcamp's format makes me enter a "combined" shipping rate if you order more than one CD. the price is the *maximum* this would cost. realistically, it would be less, if shipping them together. when you purchase, you will have no choice but to adhere to the formula Bandcamp employs. BUT, if it ends up being cheaper to ship more than one item together, i will promptly refund the difference to your Paypal account. much of the time, the actual combined shipping will be *less* than Bandcamp calculates it as. but sometimes it is not. if it is, i will refund you the difference. if not, well then nothing i can do ;)

i know this is a bit of a hassle, but i have no other way to do it, due to the way Bandcamp sets this up. but i will never charge you more than i should. i have done everything i can to keep the shipping costs as low as possible, but shipping today is indeed pretty crazy. thanks for your understanding...

** update: USPS has been a complete clusterf**, and long story short, the amount you will see on your package for the postage i paid is not the actual amount. the amount i charged was based on THEIR OWN statements about how much it would cost to send to different locations, and different countries (i took samples in, packaged, at the exact weight, and inquired as to the price for pretty much every country in the world). the problem is, Paypal doesn't allow me to choose the shipping method they want me to use... so i have to pay through Paypal, package them, THEN go to the post office and f*ing pay AGAIN to make up the difference before they will send it. but they add it on in the system, and it does not reflect on the label you will see. and i am now spending hours a day at the post office, as we have to individually hand-alter each one in the system after i pay the difference.

i tell you this because i don't want you to think i would overcharge for shipping by that much, or are one of these people who would charge $8 for shipping when it only costs 4. anyone who knows me knows i would never do that, but i feel it still had to be said. just so you know...

Return Policy
i package every CD in a high-quality bubble mailer, *with* a CD-size cardboard pad insert to prevent bending, all while doing everything i can to keep the package as light as possible, to minimize shipping costs. please understand that every CD that leaves here does so in perfect shape. some countries are very slow, and your CD could take some time to show up. please be patient. i send every one US Postal First-Class mail. in some cases that will show up quick, in some it will take a while, depending on where you live. please be patient, and rational about possible delays, damages etc, and feel free to contact me if need be.

anyone who knows me knows how much i care about what i do, and everything i send to you. i of course want it to arrive in a timely manner, and in perfect condition. if not, contact me and we will figure out what needs to, or can be done. just please do so within the confines of reason, and understanding that i can't control every factor in the world - but any possible one i can, i will, to ensure everything gets to you safe and sound. thanks!